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Drinking Water Pumps

SEAFLO ® Drinking Water pumps

The bottled spring water system is designed to provide purified drinking water standard 20 liter bottles to distribute.
The system delivers water under pressure 2.8 bar to a drinking water tap, the water supply of a refrigerator,
For the ice maker or cold water tap, coffee or tea mmachines.
Applications in yachts, summer homes and allotments, truck cabs and where else you desire.
Always cold and fresh water on board!
Flotterschakelaar for automatic shutdown if the stock bottle is empty.
Integrated check valve.
Universal aanlsluitdop fit on most stock bottles.
Compact design for easy connection.
6.1 m hose included.
Automatic Thermal Cut extra protection.
Easy installation.
Model Flow Pressure Off Voltage Max. Draw Weight Packing Size Quick Reference  
SFDP1-010–040–210 3.8 l./min 2.8 bar 12 V 3.0 A 3.2 kg. 595x260x90 mm. 190 More Information
SFDP2-010 –040–210 3.8 l./min 2.8 bar 24 V 1.5 A 3.2 kg. 595x260x90 mm. n/a More Information
SFDPA2-010–040–210 3.8 l./min 2.8 bar 230 V 0.25 A 3.2 kg. 595x260x90 mm. 193 More Information
SFDPA1-010–040-210 3.8 l./min 2.8 bar 110 V 0.5 A 3.2 kg. 595x260x90 mm. 192 More Information